The duties of a personal injury law firm

Cars in head to head collision

What happens when you get hurt in an accident that was the fault of another party? The other driver’s insurance will cover the damage done to your car, but what about the damage to you? His insurance will only pay a particular amount to you. In most cases, it will not cover all of the doctor’s bill. What happens if you hurt yourself, that you will have to live with for the rest of your life? What about the loss of a family member, who will pay for that?

What are the duties of a personal injury firm?

They are a group of lawyers that work in one office. They will provide their clients with the legal rights. Their responsibilities are to ensure justice and represent their clients in various cases. Most law firms handle criminal cases and personal injury cases. There are law firms that specialize in bodily injury. They will represent their victims for wrongful death and personal injury as well as worker’s compensation.

Personal injury

cautionThis is an injury that was caused by someone else. This doesn’t just mean someone is hurting you physically. You can be walking in or out of a store and slip on some water or whatever the case would be, if it didn’t have a caution sign put up, then you are entitled to compensation, for your pain and suffering. The owner of the store will have insurance which will cover all your expenses.

Worker’s compensation

This is to protect you after you have hurt yourself from a work related accident. When you hurt yourself at work, they will only help you within the guidelines of their policy. If you are left with an injury that will stick with you for life, then you would want to be compensated for your loss. They will fight to get you a said amount for your injuries.

What happens if you can no longer perform your duties at work?They will just let you go, and they may pay you a little sum. The lawyer will get you a larger amount of money plus he will fight to have them send you to a school, so you can undergo training. This way, you will still be able to get a job according to your circumstances.

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Wrongful death

This is a death of a family member. This can be a form of an accident or a prescription of wrong medication. There can be a lot of reason that will cause this.…